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Hey there! I'm a software developer with over 2 years of professional experience working remotely for clients with big ideas. In my free time you'll find me planning my break into security, preparing for the next DEF CON, or figuring out a way to automate something in my day-to-day life.

I am currently open to additional opportunities/clients. If you are interested in the services I provide please feel free to reach out to me using one of the methods below.





Software Developer


Jul 2019 - Present (8 months)

A platform that makes renting to or leasing from anyone as easy and painless as it should be.

Learn more at

Software Developer

MCrowdsourcing Canada (MC2)

Sep 2017 - Present (2 years)

MC2 is a social venture that seeks to transform the way we do common altruistic tasks by providing a platform for those that want to contribute by taking positive actions, and those that want to sponsor and encourage them to do so.

During my time at MC2 I've been primarily responsible for the continuing development and maintenance of MC2's Facebook chatbot service (built with Node.js) among other data-related tasks.

Contractor / Consultant

Misc. Clients and Projects

Jan 2015 - Present (5 years)

I have worked with several small business clients to build websites, automate data processing and imports, and have helped friends and colleagues with various projects as well as receiving the intensive training that 42 Silicon Valley has to to offer.

In this time I've developed strong work habits and have been exposed to the wide variety of issues and tasks that this field has to offer.


Jan 2018 - Present (2 years)

My personal website and blog. Made with React and Gatsby.js to achieve all the performance benefits of a static website while still using modern web-development standards.

Check it out on github.

Interactive AI Storyteller

Jul 2017

One of the winning projects made during the 2017 VentureBeat AI Hackathon which made use of Google Assistant to create an interactive story-telling experience.

Made using Firebase Cloud Functions and DialogFlow (for conversational intent-matching).


42 Silicon Valley

Aug 2016 - Apr 2018 (1 year)

42 is a nonprofit, tuition-free programming school created and funded by French billionare and philanthropist, Xavier Niel. This 3-5 year program departs from the traditional education experience by using a peer-to-peer based learning system with no classes or teachers and a purely project-based curriculum. To learn more, visit

I worked with my peers on projects involving computer graphics and low level computing. Went on to learn about web development using PHP during an intense web development program. And quickly achieved my first internship.