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Chris Renfrow

Hello Blog (again)

10 September 2019

3rd time's the charm

Hello and welcome to my small corner of the internet where I will document my latest adventures in tech and life. Who knows, maybe you or someone else will get something out of what I have to say. But make no mistake, I'm doing this entirely for my own benefit.

"3rd? If you've started a blog so many times, where are all of your old posts? Why start from scratch again?"

Great question. Well, in all honesty I never backed my old posts up properly and frankly, it wasn't worth it as most of them pertained to the development of my old website. Next question.

"Who are you?"

I'm a full-stack software developer that just enjoys working on products that genuinely aim to be beneficial without jeopardizing the end-user's privacy. I'm also a self-proclaimed tinkerer, hacker, and maker. At the time of writing I'm working remotely from somewhere in sunny California for a couple of awesome clients. I am joined by my wonderful girlfriend, a fun-sized doggo, and one mildly spooky cat.

That's all the questions I'll be taking today, this post is for all intents and purposes a placeholder for the actual content. See you around.